Edward MacDowell
Edward MacDowell

New York City




Woodland Sketches, op.51

1. To a Wild Rose. With simple tenderness (1'33")

2. Will o' the Wisp. Swift and light; fancifully (1'17")

3. At an old Trysting-place. Somewhat quaintly; not too sentimentally (1'26")

4. In Autumn. Buoyantly, almost exuberantly (1'46")

5. From an Indian Lodge. Sternly, with great emphasis (2'38")

6. To a Water-lily. In dreamy, swaying rhythm (2'08")

7. From Uncle Remus. With much humor; joyously (1'27")

8. A Deserted Farm. With deep feeling (2'01")

9. By a Meadow Brook. Gracefully, merrily (1'42")

10. Told at Sunset. With Pathos (3'36")

Sea Pieces, Op. 55: I. To the Sea

Sea Pieces, Op. 55: II. From a Wandering Iceberg

Sea Pieces, Op. 55: III. A. D. MDCXX

Sea Pieces, Op. 55: IV. Starlight

Sea Pieces, Op. 55: V. Song

Sea Pieces, Op. 55: VI. From the Depths

Sea Pieces, Op. 55: VII. Nautilus

Sea Pieces, Op. 55: VIII. In Mid-Ocean

Fireside Tales, Op. 61: I. An Old Love Story

Fireside Tales, Op. 61: II. Of Br'er Rabbit

Fireside Tales, Op. 61: III. From a German Forest

Fireside Tales, Op. 61: IV. Of Salamanders

Fireside Tales, Op. 61: V. A Haunted House

Fireside Tales, Op. 61: VI. By Smouldering Embers

New England Idyls, Op. 62: I. An Old Garden

New England Idyls, Op. 62: II. Mid-Summer

New England Idyls, Op. 62: III. Mid-Winter

New England Idyls, Op. 62: IV. With Sweet Lavender

New England Idyls, Op. 62: V. In Deep Woods

New England Idyls, Op. 62: VI. Indian Idyl

New England Idyls, Op. 62: VII. To an Old White Pine

New England Idyls, Op. 62: VIII. From Puritan Days

New England Idyls, Op. 62: IX. From a Log Cabin

New England Idyls, Op. 62: X. The Joy of Autumn



All the tracks performed by Claudio Colombo, on Yamaha digital pianos.

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