Domenico Scarlatti
Domenico Scarlatti

Naples (Italy) 1685

Madrid 1757


The 556 Sonatas for Piano (new recording 2015-2019)


The Piano Sonatas

These pieces are a part of a nearly-complete recording of the Scarlatti's Sonatas. I have recorded them with a Yamaha digital piano in the early 2003.

"Nearly-complete", I said. The Sonatas in the Kirpatrick's catalogue are 556, but I have decided to ignore the works clearly conceived for the organ, or instrumental ensembles. Also I have left out some Sonatas included in the Kirpatrick's catalogue, but in my opinion erroneously attributed to Scarlatti. Therefore the remaining Sonatas are 538.

I think that playing on the piano these works gives prominence to the enormous influence that the Scarlatti's Sonatas have exerted on several great composers of the following centuries. I refer for example to Haydn, Clementi, Beethoven, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Jánácek, but particularly to Johannes Brahms, who owned a copy of the whole Scarlatti's opus, and held it in great esteem, and to Olivier Messiaen. Thinking of Messiaen, who composed many pieces drawing his inspiration from the birds singing, I can't help noticing that some Scarlatti's Sonatas are like aviaries, and nevertheless the harpsichord, because of his lack of the dynamic variable, cannot bring out this aspect.


Sonatas K1 - K30 : "30 Essercizi per Gravicembalo"

Sonatas K31 - K50

Sonatas K51 - K70

Sonatas K71 - K100

Sonatas K101 - K120

Sonatas K121 - K140

Sonatas K141 - K160

Sonatas K161 - K180

Sonatas K181 - K200

Sonatas K201 - K220

Sonatas K221 - K240

Sonatas K241 - K260

Sonatas K261 - K280

Sonatas K281 - K300

Sonatas K301 - K320

Sonatas K321 - K340

Sonatas K341 - K360

Sonatas K361 - K380

Sonatas K381 - K400

Sonatas K401 - K420

Sonatas K421 - K440

Sonatas K441 - K460

Sonatas K461 - K480

Sonatas K481 - K500

Sonatas K501 - K520

Sonatas K521 - K540

Sonatas K541 - K555


The Sonatas for piano and for harpsichord


Sonatas K1 - K30 : "30 Essercizi per Gravicembalo"




All the tracks performed by Claudio Colombo, on Yamaha digital pianos.

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