Franz Schubert
Franz Schubert

Vienna (Austria)


Short Piano Pieces

Scherzo in B flat Major D.593 No.1 (Allegretto) (5'48")

Scherzo in B flat Major D.593 No.2 (Allegro moderato) (6'48")


5 Piano Pieces D.459/459a

I - Allegro moderato (6'47")

II - Scherzo. Allegro (4'47")

III - Adagio (7'12")

IV - Scherzo con Trio. Allegro (4'45")

V - Allegro patetico (7'12")



10 Variations in F Major D.156 (19'11")

13 Variations on a theme of Hüttenbrenner, D.576 (18'10")

Adagio in G Major, D.178 (8'08")

Adagio in G Major, D.178, 2nd Version, unfinished (5'52")

Adagio in C Major, D.349, unfinished (4'46")

Adagio in E Major D.612 (4'30")

Allegretto in C Major, D.346, unfinished (7'06")

Allegretto in C minor, D.900, unfinished (2'08")

Allegro in E Major, D.154, unfinished (6'00")

Allegro and Scherzo, D. 570, unfinished (6'49")

Allegro moderato in C Major, D.347, unfinished (2'51")

Andante in C Major, D.29 (4'10")

Andante in A Major, D.604 (6'06")

Andantino in C Major, D.348 (3'31")

Fantasia in C Major, D.605 (7'25")

March in E Major, D.606 (6'41")

Adagio and Rondo in E Major, D. 506, Op. 145 (11'31")

Trio in E Major, D.610 (1'17")

Sonata in C-Sharp minor, D.655, fragment (2'42")




All the tracks performed by Claudio Colombo, on Yamaha digital pianos.



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